About Sivota Legacy Luxury Villas

Fifty years ago, George N. Bottos had a vision to create a legacy of rental properties. Starting with apartment living and continuing with luxury vacation destinations, each property reflects its surroundings while providing exquisite design and experience.

Sivota Legacy Luxury Villas embrace his vision.

This luxurious private getaway architecturally combines the old with the new while presenting the spirit of Greek hospitality in the high standard of customer service.

Four cozy luxury villas making a statement on the mountainside of Greece, overlooking the Sivota Village with 180-degree views of the Ionian Sea and the islands of Corfu, Paxous and Antipaxous.

Connect your stay with nature, relaxation and wellness while combining excellent local food, outdoor activities and high-end design with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.  Experience the private services provided on the estate and make your holidays a once in a lifetime experience.

Why You'll Love Our Villas

Wellness and Relaxation

Relieve your mind and body at one of our four private infinity pools.  Experience the calming and soothing natural sound therapy while enjoying the wonder of yoga with a 180-degree view of the Ionian Sea.

Enjoy your sleep on our Coco mat mattresses, decrease stress and anxiety while relaxing and treat your body with the feeling of wellness.

Exquisite Luxury Villas inspired by Nature, designed by Design Corner

Setting the scene for a unique relaxing experience, the antibacterial flooring, self-sufficient design, aeration system, cooling and heated floors and high-end quality materials are the elements which envelop the owner’s signature unique style and vivid elegant interiors.

99% Environmentally Friendly

These Eco-friendly designed villas are 99% self sufficient using solar power, self-contained water retracted from the Acheron River and purification system for drinking water.  Local natural stone material and workers were used to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy while reducing heat gain and increasing energy efficiency. The use of vegan materials such as polyester and the selection of LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and adjustable thermostats, well insulated doors and windows throughout the estate in order to reduce and produce cleaner energy.

Handicap accessible

Handicap accessibility for guests located at Villa 2023, with private handicap parking and ramp which leads to the villa.  The main level of Villa 2023 has been carefully planned for the use of wheelchair access to the main level bedroom and en-suite bathroom and access to the private outdoor space and pool.

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