Villa Pre-stocking

​We want to make your stay a bit easier.  Send us a list of your favorite groceries, fruits, vegetables, drinks, or snacks before your arrival and we will stock your villa with all your favorite products.  One of our staff members will do your shopping for you and place every item in the fridge or food cupboards. No need to run around before your arrival, get settled and let your vacation begin sooner, leave the rest to us.

Being able to enjoy a hot cup of tea, a midnight snack or even enjoy a glass of wine upon arrival without the hassle of going shopping, worrying about your arrival time and the markets being closed, could be the key to starting your vacation off in luxury. Relax knowing we are here to take care of the essentials.

We charge 10 euros for our pre-stocking service. This covers all transport costs to the supermarket and the villa, plus our staff unpacking and placement of the items. This can be paid by credit card or with your villa rental payment. You pay for the food and drinks at cost price when you arrive with the receipt of purchase.